Cool print on black for UCSF Transplant department. Thanks Denise! - HV  Go Giants!!

Before he was Batman....I mean BaaaatMannnn
Mr. Bale did a little indie number.
Something about bizziness I believe.

Thanks LowLife for a great idea. - HV

New to us...Trax frames!!  Pretty cool. All our larger screens are starting to die (delaminating.....is that a word? Glue no stick)

We found these through Martin Screen. You buy the lock in frame and then can replace the screen panels separately.

So say one rips you are talking $12 vs  $30-$35...and can switch out mesh any time.  Super tension!!

Enough tee shirt prints....here is what you came for - helper tools to make your life easy.

Bought this on ebay from a screen printing supply shop. Hadn't really seen one before and was used to using a t- square.  Tell the truth this is way easier. It has a lip that goes over the side of the pallet.  They make them for 15" and 16" wides.  I bought a 16" and put a vinyl strip at 15" so we only need one (cheap-ass).
Works great on the auto because of the tighter space.

James from Super Plush is an old friend from San Francisco.
He is top shelf in the race world for suspension work.  That says a lot when you are doing 200 mph on the track trying to keep the rubber side down.
 Thanks for staying with us all these years - Figure I would have screwed it up by now.

Here was Quaker City Motor Works third installment.

Started playing with discharge inks (Union plasticharge).  Pretty cool- really soft touch and after a wash you can't feel it at all.

We have got a bit to learn but Hi-Voltage will now offer single color discharge printing. It is a little more expensive than plastisol but gives a great finish.  We are excited to soon offer full color and process discharge on dark colors.

Here is a mock up of the next one -

New one for Har Mar - distressed print

check them out:

How can you trump a "Meester"? -

Just ran tees for Mr. Mathers out of Detroit

Eminem has a record label called Shady Records (you know that.. but I am old) and they needed some new tees. Check them out:


Who's a fan of Hollywoods best and brightest?....Apparently Joe from SF.

Don't know why but it was a must have - Does show how a halftone print (black on white 45 line per inch on a 195 mesh) can look great with minimal effort.

You too can support the stars - send your checkbook to....

Neat-o  design for wishbone ash.

Check them out:  http://www.wishboneash.com/